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Venice Gondola, Gondola ride Venice

Venice Gondola ride

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No visit to Venice would be totally complete without a graceful and romantic glide down the Grand Canal in an authentic Venetian gondola. Float beneath bridges, beside cafes and terraces, under balconies of Baroque buildings and through the vibrant streetscapes in Venice as your gondolier sweeps you down the Grand Canal for a ride like no other. The silence of the small canals is the ideal environment to appreciate the beauty of the city and relive the history of the unique and millenary Venice.

A Gondola ride Venice is an unforgettable experience that you can easily book, shared or private, with us. Complete your Gondola experience with a Serenade Tour or a bottle of Prosecco / Champagne, to celebrate your special day in Venice.

All rides start at Santa Maria del Giglio gondola station. Located only 5 minutes far from San Marco square, it's an ideal location to have a great view of the Canal Grande. If you prefer, we can also provide Private tours starting at Santa Lucia station; Please check here the meeting point.

In addition to a Gondola ride, you can complete your visit to Venice with one of our walking guided tours: Hidden Venice, to discover unconventional route of the city; Rialto: the most traditional tour of Venice; Venice Ghetto and Cannaregio: the most historical experience; 18th Century: the modern Venice tour and Treasure Hunt: to spend with youngest members of the family.

All our guided tours are provided by official Venice guides and available in English, Spanish, French and German (in addition to Italian). The guide will meet you at your hotel reception.

And finally, we can also provide your arrival and departure Venice airport Water Taxi service, with a large fleet of Premium and Luxury water taxis.


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    Pre-book to avoid in destination hassle, Venice can be chaotic and overcrowded.

Traditional and Serenade Gondola Tour

You can choose from our portfolio a Traditional Gondola tour (Private or Shared) or a Serenade Gondola Tour (also Private or Shared) at your convenience. All tours are 30 minutes approximately.

Our tours depart from Campo Santa Maria del Giglio, located on the Grand Canal, and then glides through charming tiny inner canals. The Serenade tour is accompanied by musicians who play Italian and Venetian typical folk songs for an unforgettable experience.

Local assistance

Our representative will meet you at Gondola Tour departure location to assist you in case of any issue.

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More about Gondola

Venice has actually about 400 gondola in active service, and all of them are absolutely hand-made. The typical Venetian gondola is built by several hundred parts made from nine different types of wood.

A gondola is a flat bottom boat capable to skim water of only some centimetres deep; its design is especially made for the Venetian lagoon water.
The price of a Gondola may vary from 18.000€ to 22.000€, depending on the finitures and, with the adequate maintenance, it’s life can reach several decades.

Most of these boatyards usually are in locations not visited by tourists, but the oldest and most famous yard in Venice --the Squero di San Trovaso—is located at Zattere, in front of Giudecca island. Although the squero isn't open to the public, anyone can enjoy a view of the gondola craftsmen at work from the opposite bank of the San Trovaso Canal.

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